Mr. Springer

 My name is Nicholas Springer and I am a math teacher here at Winona Senior High School. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2012 with a degree in Math Education. Since then, I have worked at three Sylvan Learning Centers across the country! At Sylvan I worked with students as a Teacher in: Math, Reading, Writing, Study Skills, and ACT/SAT Prep! I also worked as the Center Director at the Sylvan Learning Center in San Diego, California! I then taught at El Capitan High School in San Diego for two years as a math teacher.
    Now, I find myself at the phenomenal Winona Senior High School. Here I teach Intermediate Geometry, Intermediate Advanced Algebra, and Advanced Algebra. When I am not grading papers and lesson planning, I enjoy outdoor activities, playing board games, and acting in theatre! Feel free to come and talk with me in person about any math, academic, or personal concerns that you may have, or simply email me! I look forward to seeing you in my classroom or around campus! And if you don't even know me, feel free to say hi! I always enjoy making new friends and encourage learning whenever possible!  

Contact Information:
•Name: Nick Springer
•Room: 204
•Before School: Available most mornings in Room 204
•1st: Intermediate Geometry
•2nd: Intermediate Advanced Algebra
•3rd: Intermediate Advanced Algebra
•4th: Advanced Algebra
•After School: 
Available most afternoons in Room 204