I would like to take this momentous opportunity to humbly welcome you to my professional website. Feel free to amble around in search of information or just kill time. I hope you find this site informational and intuitively inoffensive to your instincts.

This is my ninth year at WSHS. While here, I teach a variety of classes such as, Transitional Writing, Self and Society, World Cultures, Mythology, Pre Algebra, Geometry and others. I also do a fair amount of team teaching in many subject areas.

Term 1 Schedule
1st period - Geometry (Team teaching with Wendy Schneider)
2nd period - Preparation Time
3rd period - Organizational Skills
4th period - Geometry
5th period - Geometry

My number at school is 507-494-1591.

The last occasion on which I updated this comprehensive site was 10/27/15.

Contact: Jed Reisetter