Rhonda Aspenson

My name is Rhonda Aspenson and I teach business courses at Winona Senior High School, along with Ms. Cheryl Davis.

I teach general business classes, including Keyboarding I, Keyboarding 2, Business Law, Accounting 1, Accounting 2, Financial Literacy, Intro to Business, Technical Broadcasting, Computer Applications, Desktop Publishing, Medical Careers and Career Choices. I also team teach a Practical English 12 class with Mrs. Holly Egge.

The technology classes are based on the Microsoft Office Suite®. Students learn all the aspects that each program has to offer.

Business Department Overview

The Business Department at Winona Senior High School offers a wide variety of business and technology courses to both college-bound and career-bound students. Besides introductory courses in business, marketing, law, accounting, careers, medical careers, financial literacy and recordkeeping, our program includes a rich suite of technology courses, beginning with keyboarding and computer applications classes. In addition, students are able to take more in-depth courses including 2 courses in Web page design, a desktop publishing course, a set of 3 introductory programming classes in Visual Basic and 2 classes in C++.

All of the business and technology courses emphasize real-world applications and production problems. Through our program, both college-bound students and those who will enter the workforce after high school gain glimpses into the variety of careers in business and computer technology. Often these courses are the first taste of business and computer careers for these students and many change their career plans based on what they learn. Also, we bring exciting technology choices to some at-risk students who struggle with high school but who thrive on computer applications!

About Me

High school teaching is a second career for me. Before I went into teaching I was in the workforce in Winona, MN and then in Washington D.C. After being in the workforce, I needed a change and a more fulfilling career so I went back to Winona State University and began studying Accounting. Very soon after that I realized that I wanted to work with people more than numbers and quickly changed my major to Business Education. I am now in my 23rd year of teaching for Winona Public Schools.

I was also the mentor coordinator for the school district. I helped pair all the new teachers to the district with a senior teacher. 

I am originally from Fountain City, WI where my parents still reside. My husband, Randy and I are the proud parents of six children-- four sons and two daughters and TWO AMAZING BEAUTIFUL granddaughters, Gracie and Audrey and a WONDERFUL grandson, Seth.


B. S. Business Education, Winona State University, MN
M. S. Education, Winona State University, MN

Last update: December 2014


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