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Principal: Mark Anderson
Assistant Principal: Jolene Danca
Athletic/Activities Director: Casey Indra
Special Education Lead Teacher: Lori Ulrich

Lindsey Seipp 
Karen Whitney-Thrune 
Courtney Zeimet
Missing Voices: Equity in Education Summit 2016
St. Mary's University Center, Minneapolis
November 3,  8 am - 4 pm

Students:  Here is an opportunity for your voice to be heard and to make a difference!  Please read the following information to decide if this opportunity is for you!  If you are interested, please speak to Principal Anderson at your earliest convenience.
The Missing Voices conference brings together a variety of people to engage in solution­-oriented dialogue and actionable steps toward educational equity.  Attendees will include youth (high school­ aged), parents and families, community members, teachers and administrators. Through intentional collaboration, the goal of the conference is to create and nurture ongoing opportunities focused on increasing equitable learning opportunities for ALL students. 
Conference takeaways for all participants include a variety of strategies geared toward diversity, inclusion and intercultural competence. Keynote speakers offer participants ways to affect meaningful conversations that promote transformative change. This year’s theme is focused on strategies for promoting a trauma­ sensitive school environment. Breakout sessions further assist conference goers in gaining knowledge and skills that delve deeper into various aspects of centering self, relationships, and communities. Examples of healing techniques include: mindfulness, yoga, peace literacy, conflict de-­escalation and other ways to promote peace­ building ‚Äč
For youth, the conference offers a variety of empowerment strategies including: sharing your unique knowledge with educators to help them learn from you, asserting your individual learning needs, expressing your cultural capital, the art of creation through artistic expression (such as spoken word and hip hop), leading future youth­-oriented activities, and advocating for increased equitable classroom and school learning opportunities. You will come away with an empowered sense of yourself as an equity steward!


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